Quick Answer: Does Power Potion Work On Donated Troops?

Does COC power potion work in war?

The Power Potion instantly upgrades all troops and spells to their max level allowed on the current Laboratory or Star Laboratory.

It lasts for 1 hour it’s not applied to Heroes.

It can be used on Clan Wars and Clan War Leagues..

Does power potion work on siege machines?

The Power Potions do work on Siege Machines.

What happens when you donate troops in clash of clans?

The clan donated troops will fight battles along with your trained troops. Likewise, If someone attacks U, the clan troops along with ur defensive buildings will obstruct the attacker’s troops . But the War donated troops (donated during War days) will only help ur defenses when Ur base will be attacked in War .

Can you donate troops to yourself in clash of clans?

You can give yourself healers or wizards or the best troops to defend your village while your castle troops should be depended on an other player’s troops. 2. You’ll receive XP for giving troops so that means giving yourself troops will give you XP. Results: New level cheating!

How many hours does 1 Research potion take off?

The Research Potion is a potion that boosts the player’s Laboratory in the Home Village for 1 hour. While active, the Laboratory will work 24 times as fast as normal, effectively gaining 23 hours’ worth of research time.

Do boost troops work in war?

SUMMARY. The Power Potion is a potion that, when used, boosts the player’s troops and spells to the maximum level allowed by the player’s Laboratory and Star Laboratory for 1 hour. It can be used before any battle by tapping the “Boost Troops” button (shown below right), including Clan War battles.