Quick Answer: Can You Get Banned From COC?

Can you get permanently banned from clash of clans?

A permanent ban being lifted is like a 0.01% chance but you can still try it.

Good luck bro.

What is the cheat for COC.

It’s been 1.5 years since my Clash of Clans ID was banned..

In which country Clash of Clans is banned?

IranIran has banned mobile game ‘Clash of Clans’ to protect the country’s youth from its influence, which the government claims promotes tribal warfare.

How do you report someone on COC?

Reporting: [Players/Clans]Screen shot the base/clan description/inappropriate content in question.Press the little settings cog located just above the shop:Click on the green help and support button.Click on the “contact us” button, located in the top right corner.Write out why you are reporting the player/clan.More items…•

How long do bans last in clash of clans?

24 hoursYou remain banned until someone from the clan from which you’re banned invites you, if I’m not wrong. Nope it’s 24 hours like the other posters already answered.

What happens if you get reported on clash of clans?

Once a player receives about 7 reports they will be banned from Global for 24 hours. Only one report from a player is counted; if a player tries to report the same player multiple times, they will see a message stating they have already reported that player.

Is it safe to buy a clash of clans account?

Don’t buy a Clash of Clans account. It’s against Supercell’s Terms of Service, so the account can be banned. There is no guarantee that the seller will give you access to the account. … If he’s a major douche he’ll give you access to the account, take your money and then report the account to Supercell.

What happens when a leader leaves clash of clans?

If a leader accidently leaves a clan without promoting someone else, the leadership passes to the person with the most donations. Make sure you pass leadership to someone you trust before leaving for a little visit.

What is a report button?

What is the “report” button? The report button, shown on all posts and comments when you’re logged in, is an anonymous way to alert a community’s moderators to something that violates the community rules or Reddit’s Content Policy.

Why is my COC account locked?

The unlock code pops up when an account has been locked due to an ownership dispute. You will need to contact clashofclans.feedback@supercell.net. Make sure you include your village name and clan. If the village had in the past been transferred to you it is now likely being reclaimed by the original owner.

How do you bypass a ban on clash of clans?

Power your device up, remove all 3rd party software and clash on. The only way to ensure no future bans is to factory reset your device and having an unmodified Clash of Clans App. Anything of the sort to “Bypass” a ban is not allowed.