How Do You Change A Simple Sentence Into A Sentence?

How do you change a complex sentence into a simple sentence?

Changing Complex into Simple SentenceComplex: I know what his intention is.

Simple: I know his intention.Complex: He was the last man who went there.

Simple: He was the last man to go there.Complex: As soon as he went there, he got the news.

Simple: He got the news immediately after going there..

What is the difference between a simple and complex sentence?

A simple sentence consists of only one clause. A compound sentence consists of two or more independent clauses. A complex sentence has at least one independent clause plus at least one dependent clause. A set of words with no independent clause may be an incomplete sentence, also called a sentence fragment.

How do you convert sentences?

We can change a simple sentence into a compound sentence or a complex sentence. This is usually done by expanding a word or phrase into a clause. In the same way, we can change a complex or compound sentence into a simple sentence. This is done by reducing a clause into a word or phrase.

How do you combine simple sentences into complex sentences?

How to join two or more simple sentences into a single complex sentenceMethod.By using a noun clause. A noun clause does the work of a noun. It can act as the subject or the object of the verb in the principal clause.By using an adjective clause.By using an adverb clause.

What is a simple sentence?

A simple sentence contains one independent clause. A compound sentence contains more than one! Put another way: a simple sentence contains a subject and a predicate, but a compound sentence contains more than one subject and more than one predicate.

What is transformation of sentences in English grammar?

The transformation of a sentence is all about changing its form without altering its meaning. We can, for example, transform an exclamatory sentence into an assertive sentence or vice-versa. We can also transform simple sentences into complex or compound sentences.

Do or die make it complete?

Simple! Do or die. That’s a complete sentence in itself. It’s an order or command, therefore it’s an imperative sentence.

Do or Die Live and Let Live make it simple?

1. Do or die. Simple form- without doing, you will have to die. Simple form- Let other live by living yourself.

Does Do or Die turn into a simple sentence?

To change the compound sentence into a Simple sentence, add a phrase. Since the given conjunction is ‘or’, add the phrase ‘In the event of’. So, the answer is: In the event of not doing, you will die. So, in the simple sentence, there is only one finite verb, ‘die’.

What is a simple sentence give 10 examples?

Simple Sentences A simple sentence has the most basic elements that make it a sentence: a subject, a verb, and a completed thought. Examples of simple sentences include the following: Joe waited for the train. The train was late.

How do you change a simple sentence in a sentence?

Sentence conversion exerciseHe sold the house that belonged to his father. … I have no money that I can lend you. … The marks that were left by the whip are still visible. … He prospered by the money he inherited from his father. … A man who is dead has no worries. … He sold his father’s house. … I have no money to lend you.More items…•

How do you write a complex sentence in writing Task 2?

To make a complex sentence we normally should have two things- a dependent clause and an independent clause. A clause is a group of words with both a subject and a verb. An example of a dependent clause is ‘…….How do I make a complex sentence?Relative Clauses. … Subordinate Clauses. … Conditional Clauses. … Compound Sentences.

What are 5 sentences?

5 sentences:My mom taught me to finish everything on my plate at dinner.The only problem with a pencil, is that they do not stay sharp long enough.Our school building is made of bricks.Every night I get woken up by the sound of a barking dog across the street.Salad is for rabbits.

How do you write a simple sentence?

The simplest sentence consists only of a noun, a naming word, and a verb or action word. For example, in the sentence “Mary walked”, Mary is the naming noun and walked is the action verb. Quick activity: Write two examples of nouns and verbs, and then combine them to form sentences.

What is the negative sentence for do or die?

Answer. Answer: If you don’t do , you will die.