About Worms.zone

Worms.zone unblocked is a worm game inspired by Slither.io. The release of Worms.zone game will take the worms’ genre of io games to the next level. In this title, you take control of a small worm around the map trying to eat a lot of cute animals dispersed on the ground to get your size bigger. You can eat power-ups to boost your strength as well. On your way eating animals and collecting power-ups, try to avoid head-on contact with other worms. If you are not ready to fight against them, you will be defeated if you run into their body. But when you want to kill them, try to make them run into you using their head. When you finish an enemy snake, quickly eat their remains to increase your size. Be careful when moving around the map because you need to protect your head from running into any worms. You try to reach the top place on the leaderboard in Worms.zone free game to become the biggest worm in the arena. Have fun!

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How To Play

Move your worm using the mouse, click left/right mouse buttons to speed up.

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