About Worms.lol

You are a free worm slithering through a big area in Worms.lol unblocked. Do you want to make your snake game experience better? If yes, this io game can help you. There are many free slither-style io games released in browsers, and Worms.lol game is no exception. It has just been out recently, but it already captured the hearts of players. You are allowed to customize the appearance of your worm before stepping into the arena. You spawn as a small worm trying to eat food orbs to grow and beat all other enemies in the ranking. The special thing is you can beat the big worms even though you are smaller than them. As long as you have unique strategies with tactics, everything will be easy. You can lure them into running into your body with their heads, or speed up your worm to bypass them and cut them off. Make sure you protect your head from running into the body of a certain enemy, otherwise, you will be destroyed. As you play, your worm will evolve into a big worm. Also, your points will be increased, which takes you to the top rank on the leaderboard. If other Slither-like io games get you bored, why don’t you give Worms.lol free online a try for a new experience? Have fun with it!

How To Play

Move your worm around the map using the mouse and use the spacebar to give it a speed boost.

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