About Wormate.io

Wormate.io slither style io game is taken place in a big arena where players play the role of hungry worms fighting one another for food and domination. Similar to Slither.io in terms of gameplay, Wormate.io unblocked lets you lead your worm from small size to big size as you eat candy dispersed around on the ground. Try to eat as much as you can to get your size bigger, which allows you to take on other enemy worms. You can kill them by having them run into your body after encircling around them or speeding up to outmaneuver and cut them off. Keep an eye on your surroundings for more food as well as remember to protect yourself from running into someone’s body, otherwise, you will be destroyed. There is a leaderboard showing the players’ rankings in the arena. Your big goal is to get to the top rank and become the biggest worm of all. Much fun with Wormate.io game!

How To Play

Control your worm with the mouse and click the mouse to speed up.

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