About WarehousePANIC.io

WarehousePANIC.io is a fun Io game that you can play against multiple people on the same cramped map at once. Similar to the Bejeweled Style, you will have to arrange given blocks and place them in the position that they are suitable as fast as possible to increase your point. Furthermore, you are recommended to surround a certain land. Remember that other opponents can occupy the spot that you have targeted! So, you need to act wisely and quickly to take the best area. In case the shape that you receive cannot be put down to the point you’d like, you should immediately skip and get another different. WarehousePANIC.io will only last for 1 minute. During that short period of time, you are forced to focus on the mission that you are assigned and complete it excellently. Be prepared to join the room and meet up with new rivals!

How To Play

Use the left mouse button to put down assigned blocks, right click to skip.

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