Voos.io unblocked is considered to be a unique team-based shooter game that has weapon upgrades. In this title, you play the role of a mafia who has to slay all the targets in the arena for a chance of winning. This is a chance for you to challenge your skill of shooting and also, you can practice your ability through the awesome mission. Make your way through a huge map searching for your targets. Just have your gun ready for the shots! You need to aim then shoot all enemies that stand in your way as you defend yourself against their shots. You are equipped with strong weapons that help you dish out a huge amount of damage to opponents. Use them wisely to your advantage and don’t forget to keep them upgraded through over time to become stronger. You aim to clear all mafia fighters, dominate the city, and be the first-ranked shooter on the leaderboard in Voos.io free! Have fun!

How To Play

Use WASD to move your character. Number keys 1-9 to buy mafia, and use the mouse to shoot enemies.

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