About Sword.io

Sword.io unblocked is considered to be a clone of Battle Royale Fortnite when it offers similar gameplay. Have your skills ready for Sword.io game and see if you can kill all enemies. Players from around the world will be taken to the same arena once joining this title. They have to fight for their ultimate survival. Around the map are lots of swords you can collect and use as defense or offense. The swords help you attack enemies from afar, and it also assists you to avoid the damage from other players. It depends on the circumstance that the swords will be used for offense or defense. As you play, you can unlock plenty of upgrades for your swords, making you much more powerful on the battlefield. You have to defeat all enemies with your swords and fight your way up to the top rank on the leaderboard. Play Sword.io free online to express your skills!

How To Play

Move and attack enemies by holding the left mouse button. Release to defense and attack. When you hold swords in battle, you can lose them more than releasing them.

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