About Swaarm.io

Swaarm.io unblocked is a 2D io game of tank shooting taking inspiration from Agar.io. You spawn in the arena with just a small swarm of 2-3 tanks, so you have to try your best to make the swarm bigger to take over the map as well as vanquish all enemies with their swarms of tanks. There are two ways to make the swarm size bigger: either avoiding enemies and gradually farming by killing bots or chasing enemies and killing them. When you finish other players, you will grow in numbers and power. If you finish all tanks of any swarm, they will be added to your own swarm, making it bigger. The bigger the swarm is, the bigger the prize you can obtain. You just need to use your cunningness, smart strategies and tactics to get an edge over your enemies. Don’t forget to watch out for dangerous attack bots that are moving around the map. They can be a good source to get your swarm big, but sometimes, they steal kills and hunt you. The main goal for you in Swarrm.io game is to make it to the top of the leaderboard as well as rule the arena. Are you ready for it? Come play it now and have fun with it!

How To Play

Move your swarm of tanks using WASD or arrow keys. Left click or use the spacebar to shoot. Hold down the spacebar or the left mouse button to shoot repeatedly. Use Enter to chat/submit the message.

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