About is a 2d shooter game which looks like PUBG or style. You will be moved to an island, along with other characters. Unfortunately, you have nothing at the starting. Thus, you need to roam around the area and search for some items after you parachute and drop on the playfield. They may be a gun, packs of ammo, medical kits, and other supplies. They can be hidden in crates. And, you should find before you break those boxes and gather what they contain. With the gear that you have looked for, you can feel more comfortable to step into the conflict. In which, you have to defend your life against hundreds of enemies. The main aim is to be the last standing man. Aside from deadly attacks from rivals, you are recommended to stay away from the red toxic zone because it can cause damage and kill you later. Good luck!

How To Play

Use WASD to move, LMB to attack or shoot, F to loot.

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