Stomp your opponents or get stomped by them in a fun battle arena style io game called! You will compete against many competitors around the world in this classic game. The game requires you to have a good stomping skill because you will need to use it a lot to defeat your opponents as you move around the map. If you bump into a smaller player and when you stomp him, you can squish him as well as make him lose all of his stars. If you happen to meet a bigger player, you may get knocked back farther and you can only make him lose half his stars. Star is your size in free online! You have to try your best to get a lot of stars to become a bigger player. You’d better be careful with areas you are exploring because others may surprise you with their stomps on you. Don’t let them make you lose your size! Try your hardest to avoid all dangers and stomp your way to the top of the scoreboard! Are you ready for unblocked? Play it now!

How To Play

Control the movement of your jumper through the arena using the mouse. Quickly gather stars to increase your size, click to smash attack enemies then drop straight down. Take their stars when you stomp them!

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