Soldiers VS Zombies

About Soldiers VS Zombies

Soldiers VS Zombies unblocked revolves around a tough battle where zombies and humans must slay each other for the ultimate dominance. In Soldiers VS Zombies free game, you can join either the zombie team or the human team. Once the battle has been kicked off, the zombies must prowl around the map dispersing viruses to get all the humans infected. As for the humans, you have to team up with each other to barricade yourself from the zombies. You can pick up items on the ground, or purchase some in the shop, then use them wisely to fight off all zombie waves. Just make sure you will not get infected by their viruses, otherwise, it will be hard to win. Also, for the zombies, you must go slay all humans on the map if you want to win. Which team is going to dominate the leaderboard? Play Soldiers VS Zombies game now!

How To Play

Use WASD for the movement, right click to use the items, use G to drop items, press E to gather items, use O to get access to the soldier's shop and use the mouse cursor for spinning.

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