About is one of the best Slither style game with a nice graphics and upgraded details. Participate in a cool adventure along with a lot of dangerous enemies around the world for free. And, you will get started the new journey with a modern snake. During your long trip, remember to defend against everybody that you encounter on the path. Note that the survival time, kill and length are three main factors that will affect your result. After you appear on the playing field, you need to find food. Firstly, you are recommended to pick up and consume colored small squares. They are considered as the safest source that can help you gain more mass and grow longer. However, you must avoid other predators while you are concentrating on collecting those items. Otherwise, somebody will trap and cut off you in a wink. Besides, you can absorb more energy from killed players. Let’s enjoy and own the longest tail! Good luck!

How To Play

Use WASD or arrow keys to control the movement of your snake.

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