About is an amazing snake game online about snakes surviving on a big island while they cannot swim in the water. This will spark a very tough battle between these snakes controlled by real human players. You are one of those snakes trying to get through all dangers around you. When you spawn on the island, you have to quickly find some food to eat so you can make your size longer and bigger. Try not to engage in any clashes while you are hunting for food because others can take chances to kill you. Once you are ready, you can start a fight with them and use good tricks, evil schemes, with nice strategies to wipe them out. Speed up to get away from dangers or catch your prey faster. You are a free snake seeking out dominance in the arena as well as trying to top the leaderboard in game. Are you ready for it? Much fun!

How To Play

Move your snake using the mouse. Click the left mouse to speed up.

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