Rather than playing as a real snake, now you become a little snake-like mini-bus in unblocked – a game like Get your skills ready for new challenges and see how you will conquer them all. You will make your way through a huge map packed with enemies from around the world. Since your snake bus is not long enough, you need to collect a lot of passengers as well as improve your bus through over time. If you keep doing that, your size will get longer. When you come across enemy snake buses, don’t be afraid of them! Think about any good tactics and strategies you have in mind to eliminate them first as well as stop them from killing you. On the map, you also see a lot of bonuses scattered around. Quickly gather them to collect more passengers easily and slay your opponents. You aim to become the most dangerous mini-bus that rules the leaderboard in new io game!

How To Play

Steer your snake bus using keys A/D or left/right arrow keys. Use the spacebar to jump, press key F to use nitro, and use key G for invisibility.

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