About SideArms

Team up with your gunbot in SideArms unblocked to go against the world now! This is a futuristic shooting game opening an epic gunfight between players from around the world. Prepare some smart strategies with good skills in advance to defeat all enemies. You and your gunbot have to move around a huge arena in an attempt to shoot down a lot of other players around you while avoiding the onslaught of their bullets. To boost your strength, give more firepower to your gunbot, and to dish out more damage to other players, you can use your katana. Make sure you upgrade yourself through over time so you can have more strength to defeat all enemies and survive for as long as possible. You aim to get the right to direct a giant mech in a chaotic shootout in online. Are you up for this adventure? Join and have fun with it!

How To Play

Use WASD for the movement, press the spacebar for jumping, use Shift for the rocket boosts, use the left mouse to shoot, the right mouse or C to aim, use F for katana, R to reload, E to switch guns, use “~” to drop second weapon, and use number keys 1-0 for the sticker emotes.

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