About unblocked is a ship shooter game set in space and it features unique 2D graphics, nice gameplay, and plenty of upgrades to explore. You direct an epic spaceship around in space, venture out into outer space in order to rule the galaxy by destroying all of the other enemy spacecraft standing in your way. You must build and customize your ship before this trip. You can attach guns with armor to it, making it stronger than ever. On your way, you will come across other enemies, so always have your weapons to shoot them down before they kill you. Try to earn a lot of money then use it to buy even better equipment. Don’t forget to develop your smart strategies as you play because you will need them to get an edge over other players. The most important thing is to remain alive for as long as possible in space until you reach the top place on the leaderboard.

How To Play

Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement. Click the left mouse or use the spacebar to fire.

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