About Pucks.io

Pucks.io unblocked is a hockey io game with team-based and physics elements. It features various 3v3 matches between players from around the world. You play with a team in Pucks.io game, so you must use your teamwork as well as smart strategies to pass the puck down the ice to score. You may feel that the gameplay is easy to do, however, the competition is very fierce, so you need to keep your skills upgraded to beat the rival team and complete the goal to become the winner. As you gain experience points, you can customize your vehicle. The main goal is to reach the top rank on the leaderboard to become the best player.

Pucks.io gameplay is similar to Hockey. If you already played Hockey, then you would find this game easier. But if you are new to it, here are the rules for you: try to work with your teammates to score more goals than the opponent team. When the shot is lined up, quickly do an extra fast boost to get the puck down the ice. You can recharge this boost by collecting crates. If your teammate has a better scoring position, you should pass it to your teammate. It is useful when you pass the puck because you can move it down the ice fast. Make sure you boost before hitting the pucks so you can perform an extra strong slap shot. Sounds so fun, right? Play Pucks.io for free now!

How To Play

Use W to speed up, S to reverse, and A/D to steer. Press the spacebar for acceleration.

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