About 2

Can a little paper build up a big territory on a huge map? In 2 unblocked, you become that paper trying to make your kingdom bigger than ever by capturing a lot of empty lands when making your way through the map. Paperio 2 is the second chapter of, with new features and more matches between online opponents. You have to capture as many lands as possible then quickly connect them back to your main base to expand your territory. On your way searching for more lands, be careful with other players as they can take chances to run into your tail, causing you to meet your sticky end instantly. Plus, this also happens if you cross your line. You may have a big territory in the arena, but only a weak spot like your tail is already enough to make the game over for you. Do whatever it takes to protect it! Keep capturing more lands until you get crowned! Have fun playing Paper io online 2 now!

How To Play

Use arrow keys, WASD, or mouse to navigate your paper around the map.

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