In a tough RPG io game called, you are a little chicken fighting for your survival in a factory farm full of enemies. Nobody wants to become a chicken nugget, so you must try your best to remain alive. All chickens are stuck on top of a disk with a gruesome grinder below. Since the disk is not balanced, if somebody falls off of it, they will end up getting destroyed and become a chicken nugget. You have to perform good moves, such as walking, sprinting, jumping, or even dashing to get an upper hand on enemies and push them off the disk before you get pushed by someone. Watch out for your surroundings as well as always protect yourself. You can eat corn to increase your size, making yourself heavier so no one is able to push you. the last chicken standing on the disk will become the winner of the game. Play unblocked for free!

How To Play

Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement, use the spacebar to jump, hold the spacebar to dash, and push other chickens. Hold spacebar in the air to fly, double tap move keys to sprint.

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