About is one of the best racing Io games. Join the Free For All mode with multiple rivals and play against each other for the top spot. If you want to achieve the goal or dominate the leaderboard, you should destroy as many enemies as possible and survive until you climb up to the highest rank. Each person will be given a car. Get in your vehicle and you can drift your way. Especially, your weapon is the bumper which can cause the death of somebody in a wink. Just choose the weakest parts of their means to attack and you can eliminate an antagonist. You will obtain more points, too. You can activate the nitro to dash and run away from stronger guys if necessary. Not only that, your item will grow longer and bigger once you gather bolts. It will improve the ability to protect and hit. Let’s get ready to bump and become the King!

How To Play

Use the mouse to drift, Space or LMB to dash.

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