About Nightwalkers

Enjoy Nightwalkers game online against zombies and other strangers to become the best player! Try to use given equipment wisely to stop the enemy promptly! Besides, you can keep away from them if you do not want to join any conflict. But, you will collect many exciting items which are dropped by destroyed monsters. They include ammo, supplies to restore your health, and stronger guns that allow you to kill more antagonists at once. Not only that, you are recommended to pick up resources. Add those materials to your inventory until you save enough to build turrets, a base, and more powerful gear. Furthermore, you will obtain upgrades when you level up. Aside from tools, you can launch dangerous fists to smash the prey. If you cannot deal with every trouble by yourself, you can think of creating alliances with some buddies. Let’s participate in the adventure and dominate the top spot! Good luck!

How To Play

Press WASD to move, LMB to fire, RMB to melee attack, B to build.

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