About is an awesome web browser 3d shooter game in which you will have the chance to check out your shooting skill and compete with multiple strong enemies throughout the world. Not only that, you can enjoy the Team Deathmatch instead of joining the Free For All mode alone. So, you will be able to cooperate with your friends. In order to embark on your job, you can pick out the favorite class and adjust some settings. With the character that you have already chosen, you will receive the corresponding weapon. It can be a sniper or a shotgun, and others. Use that equipment to destroy as many opponents as possible and defend yourself from coming attacks. You must stay alive and you should gain the top score to take over the leaderboard afterward. Additionally, you can spray paint on walls or on other people if you feel necessary. Good luck!

How To Play

Press WASD to move, Space to jump, Shift to crouch, LMB to fire, R to reload, F to spray.

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