About is a cool game about splashing ink to take over the map. If you are into this kind of io game genre, you should give unblocked a shot right now. As soon as you step into the arena, you will be armed with splash tubes and some cool weapons. They are used for painting areas on the map, so you must use them wisely for a higher chance of winning. The awesome thing about this title is that you will be a member of either the Purples team or the Greens team, which means you must work with your teammates for the painting stuff. Try to expand your territory and mark it with your color. If your team has a good performance in battle, you will gain a lot of money, which means you can more items in the store for your team’s advantages. The goal in online game is to bring your team to the ultimate glory.

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  • inkwars
  • inkwars language:en

How To Play

Use the mouse to move around the map. To splash ink on the map, use the left mouse button.

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