Chill and unwind with a new multiplayer io game called! There are many io games about animal themes, and with this new game title, it will be about geese. In unblocked, lots of geese have angered their master. They stole his stuff and got him very angry. He decided to lock all the geese away in a narrow area where they have to fight against each other now for their survival. A battle for survival has just opened for those geese. You will take control of your own goose around this arena trying to eat a lot of good to get your size bigger. Only when you stronger than others you will be able to defeat them. You can use your big body to attack the enemy geese, especially the smaller ones, and eliminate them out of the arena. Protect yourself from the tough geese that are stronger than you. Try to survive and become the last goose standing! Try online now! Much fun!

How To Play

Move your goose around the map using the mouse. Click the left mouse button to attack enemy geese, and hold the right mouse button to sprint.

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