About is an exciting real-time sports game about racing. It is about a mini-match including up to 50 players at a time. Compete against all opponents and finish the course before them! You will have the chance to rank up and take over the top spot easily. is set in a 3D dangerous world full of lava, pits, and deadly bumps. Therefore, you have to react quickly and show up your skills to overcome every difficult situation. Actually, it’s important to shoot the ball in unblocked accurately when your item is moving at high speed. It is feasible to fly, bounce around obstacles and traps or sling! To earn experience and unlock rewards, you can register an account to play free online. Especially, it is possible to explore descriptive powers named Friendship Abilities. Embark on searching for the leader and defeat them now!

How To Play

Left-click and drag to aim, release the mouse button to fire, scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in or out, R to reset the stage, F to use Friendship Abilities

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