About unblocked is an io game that puts your water-collecting skills to a test. To get many gallons of water, you have to create water piping systems to pump and get gallons of water from ponds. The size and capacity of your piping network need to be increased by creating more pipes and pumps. Better equipment will be available to you when you level up. While playing, just make sure you will protect your network from being attacked by other players. Your pumps need to be connected with ponds using pipes, and your base needs better defense. You will not move your base pump once you have placed it, so be careful when choosing the location of it. Make use of equipment when you unlock them, such as bigger pipes, stronger weapons, placeable defense objects, and water processors. Try to attack the piping systems and the base pumps of other players when you can while avoiding taking damage from them. The one with the most amount of water collected at the end of the game will become the winner. Play now!

How To Play

Use WASD to move, the mouse to look around, the left mouse to place objects and attack enemies, the right mouse to rotate objects, the mouse wheel scroll or HUD, or number keys 1-9 are used for changing tools, use Enter to chat, L to lock objects and Insert to show ping.

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