A Mobile Game Free! – An awesome mobile app is an interesting mobile game released by Clown Games. You can download the game from the Play Store and enjoy the match with other players from your mobile device for free right now. is considered as a cool real-time multiplayer game in which you will start off with a toy which is inspired by Fidget Spinner, an object that gets popular in these days. It is also the primary weapon that you use to cause the death of the enemy during the challenge takes place. The main aim is to take over the top position on the leaderboard by collecting the most kill, gaining the highest mass, and staying alive for a long time. Once you accomplish three quests, you will be able to dominate the map without difficulty.

In-game features

There are four major issues involved with features in game including:

  • No Lag – From the moment you enter the playing field until you end up, you can keep controlling of your item all the time easily.
  • High Performance – It’s amazing! Dissimilar to the original, it’s extremely simple to act, move, and make the fastest spin as you want.
  • io has the IO concept of the hottest toy in the market.
  • Finally, the Internet connection is not needed.

How to play

  • Because the game that you are learning is playable on mobile devices or smartphones, you should direct the toy by tapping on the screen in every direction that you aim to collect the passively spawning colorful food orbs scattered across the floor as well as attack the antagonist.
  • Due to it is not difficult to spin, you have to figure out the best way to restrain the movement speed or you can get wrong although it can support you in case you’d like to run away from the dangerous adversary.
  • When you eat or consume what you pick up or what you take from the slain player in the game, you can realize that the body’s size and the pace are being increased gradually.
  • Try to rank up and dominate the leaderboard with the most kill, the highest mass, and the longest survival time!

Are you ready to become the master of Fidget Spinner? Why don’t you have fun with the new combat and share with your friends? You will find out a lot of many fascinating secrets for you for sure. Good luck!

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