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Dungeonz.io unblocked is a survival io game where you have to crawl through a dungeon to fight against lots of spooky creatures. This means you should have your skills prepared for this epic adventure so you can have a chance to win. You start stepping into a huge dungeon full of monsters and mummies. Five your way through all of them using your weapons with the gear you have crafted to defeat them all before they deal damage to you. You are delving into dangerous dungeons to find riches and glory, even though it’s not easy at all. Dungeonz.io free game also allows you to discover the land so you can pick up more materials to craft advanced items, better weapons, armor, tools, and even potions. You begin with a number of respawn points, so try not to die because if you die without respawns remaining, the game will be over for you. You should find respawn orbs for extra respawns. Can you get through all the dungeons to become the winner? Have fun!

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How To Play

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Press number keys 1-0 to use or equip items, use the left mouse for using the equipped item, use E or the left mouse to collect an item, use Shift + 1 to 0 number keys to drop items, drag and drop to rearrange items, and press Enter to chat.

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