About Drednot.io

Drednot.io is the battleship game in which you must build up a dreadnought ship and control it around a huge map to fight against many enemies. There are many ways to build the ship, so you can use them to create one at your own taste, or if you want to have a massive vessel, you can work together with other friends to build it. Once you have stepped into the fight, you must eliminate all rivals before they have a chance to harm you. Attach a lot of weapons with armor to your ship before venturing out into the combat. You can even create materials with more advanced weapons too. Do whatever it takes to power up yourself because you will need a lot of strength to win the combat. Don’t forget your strategies either! They can help you outwit your enemies easily. Can you reach the top to rule the arena? Play Drednot.io free game now!

How To Play

Use WASD to move, press the spacebar to jump or exit a ladder, the left mouse to interact with objects, the right mouse to use items, key Q to drop an item, the mouse wheel scroll to zoom, key C for the fast zoom, key Enter to chat, and key Tab to open the scoreboard.

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