About is a cool Splix style game that you can play online against multiple enemies for free. Meet up with other players on the same map and show up your own abilities to conquer every difficulty, destroy opponents, and dominate the largest area as soon as possible. Survive and build the dream territory to take over the top spot! You will be given a small helicopter and you need to control your aircraft skillfully to dodge hits while setting up walls which are very useful to surround the new land. However, the foe can break them easily. You must defend them or they will invade and steal everything you have. Aside from that, you also change another direction in case you are in danger. When you level up, you will unlock several airplanes and buildings. Do not ignore superpowers! Choose them and they will allow you to win faster. Good luck!

How To Play

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, RMB or Space to build, LMB to shoot. Press 1-7 to choose upgrades.

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