About CrazyBattle unblocked is a unique battle arena io game where you can choose a game mode to play, namely death match mode or zombie mode. The game brings an epic battle to you and other opponents from around the world to conquer. Each game mode delivers a different challenge and game objective. Also, as you play, you can gain achievements throughout the battle, such as a butcher, an executioner, an exterminator, a hunter, a killer, a ninja, a veteran, a warrior, a sniper, and a legendary. You will even get skins for unblocked achievements.

In deathmatch mode, you and other players have to descend onto the ground using a parachute and you must get ready for fighting them off. Only the best player can get to the top 1. To achieve that goal, try your hardest to kill all enemies and make yourself the only winner. In the zombie mode, all players have the same target to eliminate – zombies. They will come when night falls, so you must make use of time to build a strong defense for yourself, find some resources then use them to craft advanced items. Once you have equipped yourself with items, you can use them to deal damage to the zombies and kill them before they come to your base. Don’t forget to work with other players to have more strength to outplay all zombies. Play free online! Enjoy it!

How To Play

Move your character using WASD, shoot with the left mouse, choose a wall type using Z/X or C, place walls using the right mouse, change items or weapons using number keys 1-5, perform an action using E, run with Shift, chat with Enter, jump from the parachute using the spacebar.

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