About Crazy

Crazy is a fast-paced and strategy game centering on a tough competition where players must jump and smash each other. You have to get your jumping skill ready for this challenge. When you face up to enemies in the battle, you will want to push them off the edge of a cliff or make use of your shockwaves to vibrate them off the edge. Try your hardest to smash then jump through the map dealing damage to your opponents while protecting yourself from their attacks. As you push back more people, you will realize how bigger and heavier you become. This is a big advantage for you to defeat your enemies. Keep attacking them closer to the edge of the cliff then quickly knock them out of the arena. You fight for the top place and the championship in Crazy unblocked! Kick off the game now to present your skills!

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How To Play

Navigate your character around the map using the mouse.

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