About unblocked is settled in a fish world. You play the role of a little fish trying to grow big in the ocean full of enemies. You spawn in this ocean very small, so you must go eat some smaller fishes with plankton that are around you to get your size bigger. gameplay is much like The difference is that you are now a fish, not a cell. Feel free to navigate through the seas eating to grow. You will encounter other fishes controlled by other players. You can only eat the ones that are smaller than you while avoiding the bigger ones, otherwise, you will get eaten, and your adventure will be over. When you get bigger, feel free to catch the fishes that used to chase you. You can easily absorb them to build a bigger size. Feel free to speed up but don’t do this much because your size will get smaller. You aim to rule the leaderboard and the ocean in free online! Have fun!

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How To Play

Use the mouse to move your fish, click the left mouse or the spacebar to speed up, the right mouse or Ctrl to speed up with bite.

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