About is a fun 2D shooter game. Customize the aircraft that you are given and send it to a strange battlefield set in the middle of space. Aside from fighting against multiple strangers, you are able to invite your buddies to join the match together with you. To become the winner or take control of the leaderboard, you must fill up the Coverage bar at the top of the screen before them.
Play free online you are able to fly the plane your way. Always avoid attacks from rivals and survive! Besides, try to poison as many people as possible. The more you cover, the bigger your vehicle is. Therefore, you should work hard and smartly to achieve your goal first. While flying throughout the area of unblocked, you will have the chance to gather plenty of power-ups. They will grant weapons, speed-ups, and larger wings that exist for a while. They will improve your fighting ability remarkably. If you are successful in eliminating someone, you can loot his progression and rank up faster. Good luck!

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How To Play

Use the mouse to fly the plane, Q to drop bombs, E to fire missiles, Space to speed up

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