Bullet Town

About Bullet Town

Bullet Town is a free 2D shooter io game where you will play online a match against multiple crazy enemies worldwide. The main aim is to become the most powerful person in the town. It means that you will have to compete and even fight to occupy that position. It’s not easy to be the Mayor because you will encounter a lot of aggressive opponents and dangerous situations while earning enough $3,000. It is the amount that you are required to finish before you win.

Bullet Town unblocked will bring back a fresh arena in which you can grab any gun and shoot down rivals. When you have already captured the bag, remember to move it to the vault quickly. Additionally, do not forget to avoid every incoming bullet for survival! With the presence of various tools, quick rounds, and tons of actions, it promises to change the playfield into a blast. Let’s hop into the map, discover power-ups, and dominate the leaderboard now!

How To Play

Use WASD to roam around, Left Mouse to shoot, Right Mouse to collect or release items

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