About unblocked lets you play the role of a swordsman who has to fight for his survival as well as the domination of the arena. Much like other multiplayer survival io games, in game, you can customize the appearance of your character by choosing a nickname and a skin before entering the arena. Your swordsman is armed with a blade that he has to swing wisely to deal damage to the opponents around him. You move around the map trying to collect colored grains to get your blade longer and stronger. By upgrading your weapon, you will find it easier to slay enemies. However, you still need to be careful about their attacks. They can make their blades stronger and kill you with just one hit. You have to avoid them all as well as protect yourself all the time. You can attack enemies with lightning speed too. Use acceleration for doing this, but watch out for the bonus scale. You will have to collect more grains to get your sword longer. Can you kill all enemies and get to the top with your best score in free? Have fun with it!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move and swing your blade. Speed it up using the left mouse button.

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