In a famous shooting io game titled, you will fight like a real hero shooting down all wicked opponents in deep outer space full of mysterious areas. You must wander around in space with your spaceship and attempt to kill all rivals using a basic pistol that you are provided with. Through over time, you can pick up more weapons scattered in the arena to dish out much more damage to your opponents. Don’t forget to pick up handier items and supplies which help you get through the challenges more easily. Do whatever it takes to protect yourself from the enemy shots. Your game will be over if you get shot. Like always, in other free online battle royale games, the main goal is to become the last person standing in the field. In this title, you must survive until the end to become the ultimate winner. Play unblocked right now!

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How To Play

Use WASD to move your character, shoot with the mouse and use the number keys to change your weapons.

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