About is a classic space-themed Io game where you engage in an online multiplayer dogfight. Your mission in the new match is to defeat as many rivals as possible. Completing your job is also a way to help you take over the top spot and become the champion. Enter the arena and fly around the battlefield with a spaceship. You should dodge shots from every direction for survival. Aside from that, you are recommended to keep your ship safe from asteroids. Crashing into those meteors will cause damage to your spacecraft and even make it explode. While wandering around the map, you do not forget to collect stardust. They will increase the size of your vehicle and you will unlock the next level sooner. When you advance like that, you will grow stronger immediately. That progress is very useful to beat your foes. Let’s join the combat and test your weapons now!

How To Play

Use LMB or Space to fire the laser, W or RMB to accelerate, E to launch missiles, Q to boost.

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