You are a small anglerfish swimming through a big ocean in free game! Are you ready for this epic adventure where you have to defeat all other enemy fishes for ocean control? Let’s prepare everything then jump into it now. You have to swim and find smaller fish with edible food around the map to build a swarm of fish for yourself. As you collect fish, the size of the swim will become bigger, giving you more strength to fight against other enemy swarms. If their swarms are smaller than you, quickly take this chance to defeat them all. But if they are way bigger, you’d better run away from them before they catch your swarm and destroy your fish. Make sure you always upgrade your fishes, merge them together for bigger fishes as well as attempt to survive until you can reach the top place on the leaderboard. Much fun with unblocked!

How To Play

Move your fish around the map using the mouse. Click the left mouse to attack the enemies, use the right mouse to combine your fishes, hold the mouse to eat, and zoom with the mouse wheel scroll.

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