Angry Chickens

About Angry Chickens

Are you ready for free online Angry Chickens game? Inspired by and Angry Snakes games, this title bears the same gameplay mechanics, but it can be funnier to play. You will navigate a series of cute chickens around the map to pick up as many fried eggs as possible. The more eggs you collect, the bigger you are. When you create a long chicken train, you can use it to kill other enemy chickens before they have a chance to kill you. Defend your head because if you run into someone’s train, the game will be over for you. Do whatever you can to slay the enemies and use the speed boost feature to bypass them all for a better chance of winning. Your main goal in Angry Chickens online game is to become the largest chicken on the leaderboard. Have your skills ready for the game now! Much fun!

How To Play

Move your chicken around the map using the mouse.

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