About is a good RPG game where you can practice your shooting skill and enjoy a fast-paced gameplay. Besides, you are able to experience a cool money-saving system. Take control of a cute animal and fight against hundreds of enemies existing in the same building. You need to destroy as many players as possible if you want to earn higher ranks and dominate the top spot. however, that is not everything that you will implement when playing Actually, you will have the chance to collect tons of valuable loot once you step into the arena. Each time somebody is knocked down, they will drop their assets. If you gather gold, do not forget to deposit them in the bank nearby regularly. Coins will allow you to unlock prize boxes and take upgrades with rewards. Additionally, you can own power-ups when you break crates available on the floor. Let’s start now!

How To Play

Use WASD to move around, Left click to shoot.

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